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Durock Foam .3mm Switch films

by Zkeebs

Introducing Durock .3mm Foam Switch Films for mechanical keyboards, the perfect way to enhance your typing experience. These switch films are designed to be placed between the top housing and bottom housing of each switch, resulting in a tighter fit and reduced wobbling.

Made from high-density foam material, Durock .3mm Foam Switch Films offer improved sound dampening and tactile feedback, making each keystroke feel more satisfying. With a thickness of just .3mm, these films are thin enough to preserve switch responsiveness and travel distance while still making a noticeable difference in the overall feel of your keyboard.

Durock .3mm Foam Switch Films are compatible with most MX-style mechanical switches and can be easily installed with the included applicator tool.

Each pack contains 120 foam switch films, enough for a full-size keyboard or several smaller boards.

Upgrade your mechanical keyboard today with Durock .3mm Foam Switch Films and take your typing experience to the next level with improved stability and a more satisfying feel.