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Gateron Oil King Linear Switches

by Zkeebs

Sold in packs of 10 switches

Quantity 1 = 10 switches

The gateron oil king switch is one of Gateron's premium linear mechanical keyboard switches, offering a self lubricating design for a smooth and thoccy typing experience for your custom mechanical keyboard

The Gateron oil king switch is the newest mechanical linear switch that features a Nylon PA66 upper housing, a housing base made of secret black Ink housing material, and a POM stem. The stem in the upper housing is fantastic with ultra-stability and almost no wobbliness. Compared to CJs, it has a deeper patch sound.

Switch Specs:

Housing Type - Nylon Top / Ink Bottom Housing

Stem Type - POM

Spring - 55g Spring

PCB Mount - 5-Pin

Manufactured by Gateron

Lubed/Film Option:

Lubed with Krytox 205g0 on switch bottom housing and stem

Springs are bag lubed with Krytox 105

Filmed with Deskey films

Please allow 1-5 business days to fulfil lubed and filmed switches. May fulfill earlier than that depending on workload.

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