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Lubed and Wire-Balanced Durock V2 screw-in stabilizers

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by Zkeebs
Wire length
Color - Black/Gold

Lubed Durock V2 Screw-in stabilizers for custom keyboards. Made to order when order is placed to have the freshest lube applied on the stabilizer.

Lubed used when building all parts of the stabilizers is Krytox 205g0.

Lubed is applied with a brush and precision syringe to the points of movement on the stabilizer parts to lower sound input.

Wires are balanced using geon tweak board and geon wire twisters

WK set Included are 4 x 2u wires, 1 x 6.25u, 10 x housings & stems, 10 x screws, 10 x washers.

WKL set Included are 4 x 2u wires, 1x 7u wire, 10x housings & stems, 10 x screws, 10 x washers.

Choose between either black, smokey, clear, miami vice teal or pink, or gameboy purple durock stabilizer type.

Choose between either 6.25u or 7u spacebar stabilizer when choosing.

There is also a option for a stabilizer with the holee mods on the stabilizer stem as an option. A bandaid is used for the holee mod. Holee mod will be applied to all stabilizer stems.

Stablizers are tested before shipping out using the TX stabilizer tester.

"Note that there may be lube separation while in transit to its destination."

Allow up to 5 days for fulfillment, may ship earlier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

all the stabs were good except for the spacebar, it has a bit of rattle

Christopher Le
Love them!

Was worried about lube being displaced a lot from shipping but the box they were packed in with bubble wrap prevented any lube from leaving the housing! The lube and holee mod was done amazingly


Better than kbdfans dyboox lubed stabilizers.
No rattle or ticking from the wire

Jonathan Keebler
Did a good job on the holee mod. Would ord...

Did a good job on the holee mod. Would order again!

Philip Nguyen

The stabilizers were great with addition of the lube and holee mod service that Zkeebs did. Highly recommend Zkeebs!