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Four-Button Clicky Mechanical Switch Fidget Toy Switch Tester| Stim Toy, Stress Relief, ADHD

by Zkeebs

**Look at the images on the product page and let me know what base color, keycap color, wrist strap color, and switch you would like in the preference box, default switch would be clicky**

Introducing our 3D printed 4 button fidget toy made out of PLA - the perfect companion for those who need to keep their hands busy and their minds focused.

The compact size of this fidget toy makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or bag, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you're sitting at your desk, waiting in line, or simply need a moment of relaxation, this fidget toy can help you stay focused and calm.

This fidget toy was made by our High Performance voron 2.4 3D printer. Designed by rianlian7 on printables. Due to the nature of 3d printer, there may be some minor imperfections on the item.

The fidget is hotswappable in case you want to use other switches. It is an excellent item to have as a switch tester as you can test different switches side by side with ease.

For switches, you may choose from the many options below. Make sure to write it down the switches you would want with the fidget toy under the personalization option while checking out, or else you will be given the default Gateron ks-2 pro, for a clicky sounding fidget.

Sound test of default clicky switch here

Tangerine 62g
Tangerine 67g
Banana split
Gateron Black Ink V2
Gateron Box Ink V2
Gateron Box Ink Pink V2
Gateron KS-3 Pro
Gateron Luciola
Gateron Oil King
Gateron North Pole
Silent Alpaca
Durock POM
Durock Daybreak
Durock Dolphin
Zaku II
KTT Kang
KTT Strawberry
KTT Rose
AquaKing Everglide V3

Will ship ASAP as soon as order is placed.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely incredible!!!!

First off I apologize to for not reading the list of offered switches, I'm not sure how I missed it. But even though I put a switch that wasn't on there (the wuque heavy tactiles) they still fulfilled my order and the switches are lovely! This is the only version of this toy I found that let's you pick your own switches, and most of them use blues by default. The print on the base is great, no flaws from what I could tell. The little wii remote safety strap is also easily removable which is nice for people like me who prefer it without. All in all great product, if I ever need another one of these I know who I'm buying from.